Humility And Gratitude


Some time ago, my daughter came to visit with an envelope from school. It was the first fundraiser! Now I’ve given money to kids/parents for chocolates, cookies (Girl Scout cookies should be illegal!) and other products. I remember when I raised money in elementary school. I asked everyone to buy so I could get one of the prizes. We would wait weeks for those prizes to come in from the candy sale and play with those toys for 3 days. Then forget about them. Well Tehya was doing a Jog-A-thon. The kids would jog outside for 20 minutes or so. All funds raised went to improving the school, and the kids could earn chances to toss a pie at their teacher. Man, I wish we had that option back then! Mrs. Notaris would’ve gotten it!

As this was our first fundraiser, I had to figure out who she would ask for donations. We definitely weren’t going door-to-door, and I wanted to limit the number of people she would ask. I also felt it was a great opportunity to teach her a several different lessons.

Humility – I wanted Tehya to learn humility and ask her family for donations. I think it’s important we humble ourselves and seek the support of your family and friends when we need it. I had her call various relatives to ask for donations. They all agreed and sent her money, which made her happy.

Giving – Just as she asks for help, she understands she can give help as well. I explained to her that when people help her, she should want to help them in return when they ask. And even at times when they don’t ask. She agreed to help everyone who donated money in some fashion.

Gratitude – The best part of our weekend  came when it was time to make Thank You cards. I wrote out a list of all those who donated money, and I gave her the words to write. About an hour later, she was done. I then put the letters in envelopes and sent them out to everyone. Tehya understood what she was doing and why she was doing it. She was happy that people gave money and she enjoyed saying thanks.

I hope I can continue finding life lessons to teach her in our everyday interactions. It’s much more fun and I believe resonates better with Tehya than simply telling her what she should and shouldn’t do. I can’t wait until she joins the Girl Scouts. I will probably buy all the cookies!



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