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It’s Spring again! What a great time of the year! We’re past all that snow that kept us stuck in the house all winter, and we’re ready to explore! It’s also the time to get serious about fitness. The coming warm weather means the shedding of all those protective layers of clothing, exposing just how well we ate this winter. Fortunately, we have fitness guru Lita Lewis here to share some tips on how to jumpstart our workout regimen. Ms. Lewis has her own site Follow The Lita and was gracious enough to chat with us about some general steps we can take to get right for the Summer.

I want to get ready for beach season but I haven’t really exercised in a while. What are some thing I can do to start out?

One; get your mental right! I encourage everyone that it starts with drive and determination first, without it you’ll fall victim to failure! I think the best initial move would be to begin with CARDIO. If it’s been a while, get the blood circulating with moderate cardiovascular activities; run your local park, bike or perhaps hit the basketball court with some boys. Follow suit with some old fashion calisthenic exercises for muscle tone and definition.

The six-pack is more like a keg. What can I do to regain my form?

Everybody wants those wash board abs, but are you willing to put in the work?! Truth is, everyone has abdominal muscles, if you didn’t your mid section would collapse, question is, can you see your abs? If not you need to burn fat by doing cardio! Burn that belly fat first, no escaping it! There are a number of core exercises you can perform to strengthen your abs & regain your form, try; the plank, side bridges, use a physio ball and perform crunches, also use it to do knee tucks in push up position and do stability exercises focusing on midsection, the Russian twist with a medicine ball and a cable kneeling chop– to name just a few! I would suggest performing a core workout 3-4times a week and aim to do 3-5 different core workouts in a circuit, exhaust your abs till it hurts. No pain, no gain fellas.

I eat everything. I mean EVERYTHING! Are there some foods that would be better while I get in shape?

Absolutely! The food we consume is just as important as our workouts. Think food, think fuel. Just as you would want to fill your car with good quality gas, you want to eat the right foods for optimum body function. General advice for dietary intake for an active man is PROTEIN, PROTEIN, PROTEIN! Be sure to consume chicken and fish, lean red meats and mix it with a variety of vegetables, carbohydrates, amino acids and fruits. The science behind dietary intake can get complex but remember, rule of thumb for active/weight training males is get that protein in your system!

I hate running. What can I do to get past that mental block?

Conquer your mental and you can conquer the world! If you really don’t like running, simple, seek alternatives for cardiovascular exercise: Outdoor biking, stairmaster, elliptical, aerobics, lap swimming or recumbent bike.

I’m tired of doing the same workout. What can I do to make the workout challenging and interesting?

Crank it up! Most times than none if we’re tired and bored with our workouts it usually means we’ve hit a plateau and our regime isn’t challenging us. Solution is easy. Challenge yourself, add more weight to your bar, pick up the heavier free weights, increase your reps, increase your speed, hit the incline button, make it hurt! Or, change it up. Personally, I like to focus on either lower or upper body one week at a time. Week 1, concentrate on lower body, Week 2, do upper. Your body thrives off change and so will your mental.

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