It’s A Date


Congratulations! You’ve persevered through the awkwardness of the first encounter, charming her long enough to secure the first date. Now is not the time to pat yourself on the back! If you want to make it to Date #2 and beyond, Date #1 has to be great. A woman will give you the benefit of the doubt (i.e. Date #1). She may find you intriguing (and cute) enough to spend some time with you. But if Date #1 is a dud, she’s not wasting her time on Date #2. Lots of pressure, sure. Let’s give you some ideas on how to make that date pop.

The object of a date is to get the panties for two people to learn more about each other. This is achieved through interaction and conversation. The date should be enjoyable with both parties thinking: “Gee, he/she is pretty cool. I’d love to hang out again.”

Before you actually go out, you should get to know her. What are some of her likes and dislikes. You’ll lose serious points taking a Vegetarian to a steakhouse so pay attention! Spend some time talking. You’ll learn invaluable information from the conversation. Information you can use to plan that first date and beyond.

  • Dinner is the simplest date you could imagine. Thought only needs to be put into which restaurant, type of food and location. You can have a great conversation over dinner and even if there’s no Love Connection, you might get a good meal out of it. But how many times has she been taken out to dinner? You won’t stand out in her mind.
  • Movies should never be a first date. You spend 2 hours together, with virtually no communication. Save the movies for when you’re really dating. The IMAX Experience is for the GF.
  • Museums are great for dates. Although you’re surrounded by people, it’s still very intimate as it’s the 2 of you strolling past exhibits. Perfect opportunity to engage in conversation. You’ll get good insight into how she thinks by the discussions you have about the exhibits. I’d suggest finding museums with interesting exhibits, possibly on a subject she likes.
  • I’ve had friends who had very good dates at the Starbucks in Barnes & Noble. Secure a table, grab some refreshments, and talk away. I’d suggest if you go this route for Date #1, make #2 more involved. A Broadway show or dinner at her favorite restaurant.
  • A cooking class is a way to show off your listening skills as the instructor teaches you how to braise the beef. A woman likes to know her man is useful around the kitchen besides washing dishes and emptying the garbage.
  • And if it’s warm, a picnic works well. You choose the menu, do the cooking and bring everything needed. Head to your local park and spread everything out. She’ll see how thoughtful you are, your cooking skills, and if things are going well, the date can last until sunset. How romantic!
  • If you’re the active type, try biking or rollerblading through Central Park. You can pack a quick meal and take a break to talk with your date. I’d even suggest a bike tour around the city. This gives you talking points at each stop. Perfect.

Those are just a few date ideas. The best dates are those that flow naturally, allow you to learn about the other person, and most importantly, LEAD TO THE NEXT DATE! But before you start celebrating, there are a few things to consider:

  • Please put the phone on vibrate and leave it in your pocket the ENTIRE date. The most important person is sitting right in front of you. If she’s not, then you shouldn’t have gone on the date. If there’s a very important call you’re expecting, let her know before the date. This way, she doesn’t think you’re rude when your phone rings and you go to check it.
  • Don’t even think about not paying. You’re on the hook for the first 3 dates, maybe more. So where ever you choose to go, be sure it’s within your budget or you’ve saved up for it.
  • No talking about your ex or ex’s. She doesn’t want to know why you broke up. Save that conversation for a later date. If she asks, just say:  ”We can revisit the past another time. Tonight, I’m focused on you and the potential for our future together.” And don’t ask about her past relationships either.
  • Be a gentleman. Open the door, pull out her chair, help with her coat if applicable, walk on the outside. It’s okay to show you have home training. A woman wants to feel safe and secure with you. She also wants to know if she can bring you to the company dinner, and later on, home to the parents.
  • Leave the sex talk out tonight. At some point, it will come up. No matter how tasty she looks, think about Osi Umenyiora coming on a weak-side blitz.
  • Most of all, be yourself. Trying to be someone you are not will get you nowhere. Women can see right through the lies.

This was longer than I intended it to be, and honestly I could go on. But you get the drift. I’m anxious to hear about some of your do’s and don’ts, and best 1st date ideas. Good Luck!



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