A Healthy Life: Why I Work To Stay Fit


Part of Digital Soulfood is dedicated to sports and fitness. I grew up in sports, having played baseball, then football and basketball, which culminated in receiving a scholarship and playing professionally for a number of years. Okay, you figured me out: I love playing sports! But that’s not why I’m so active now. As we get older, our bodies change and grow weaker to an extent. At one point, I could take off from the free throw line for a monster dunk. Now, I’m happy when I get a strong layup! We’re not immortal, though we feel that way when we’re in our 20’s. Now in my 30s, my body is starting to show hints that I should relax, yet I want to extend my health and fitness for as long as possible. Changing my eating habits, exercising more, RUNNING. I started running and dropped close to 20 pounds in a month. Who knew? Well, it happened. I had been hesitant to run before, but I now understand I have to change my mindset in order to improve my health.

Over the past few years, I’ve lost a number of friends who passed away due to health reasons. It made me look at my own health and fitness levels in a realistic and pragmatic way. Have I gotten my annual check-up? Is my diet healthy? Are the exercises I’m doing beneficial? How will my family’s health history affect me as I get older? These are just some of the questions we have to ask ourselves. It seems like being fit is such a trend. Everyone is on IG showing workouts and flexing for the camera. Take it as motivation to be a better you. Hey, whatever gets you off the couch and into the gym. 


I’ll be posting recipes for healthy meals, apps I use to guide my workouts, routines I’ve seen (and tried) that works for all levels, and other things to help us all be more fit. I’ve challenged myself, and now I’m challenging you to be better. 



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