How To Introduce Your New Love To Your Ex

dsfcouplesA funny thing happened on the way to drop off my daughter to her mom. We got to the meetup spot and her mom was there with a dude. No problem, I would hope she’s moved on and is enjoying a great love life. The thing is, she never introduced me to this guy. My daughter knew him though, and was happy to see him, so I wasn’t alarmed. But there’s a way to go about this type of thing so it doesn’t get weird.

When you’re ex is approaching, you greet the person first and say, “Hi loser there, this is ______” and vice versa. Think of it as if you’re introducing colleagues at a networking event. Short, and sweet. This gives both parties the respect they deserve and makes you look great in your new boo’s eyes.

Now, she may have been nervous, even unprepared, and the moment overwhelmed her. That’s fine, but if I’m the new guy, I’d have to ask her why I wasn’t introduced, and make it a point to introduce myself the next time I see the Ex.

If a guy is spending time with my daughter, I’d like to know who he is. If he’s all over her mom’s Instagram and Facebook pics, then we should meet. It’s a matter of respect, and a courtesy I would extend to her. Some people are funny about who their ex brings around their kids, and that’s fair. But you have to trust your ex’s judgement (no seriously, you do) and try not to worry about it. What you can do is talk to your child and ask them how they feel about this person, then follow up with your Ex should there be anything that concerns you.

And that’s it. Easy right? Right!



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